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​English Page of “Alpha Express Gyoseishoshi"

Hello. This is Alpha Express GYOSEI SHOSHI office(Located in Nagoya-city, Aichi-prefecture)'s HP. You can ask us via E-mail or phone in English , if you wish to find solutions in English.

What is Gyoseishoshi?

Gyoseishoshi provides support to foreign nationals residing in Japan on procedures of acquisition of residence status, work qualification, entrepreneurial establishment, and naturalization.

  • Below are the application processes that we can assist with.

Application for certificate of eligibility
Application for change of status of residence
Application for extension of period of stay
Application for permanent residence
Application for certificate of authorized employment
Application for re-entry permit etc.


*The Gyoseishoshi have been authorized to represent the foreign nationals in the procedures of documentation regarding Immigration Bureau, since 1989.

  • International marriage procedures, procedures of external domicile, procedure in supplicate for special residence permission.

  • Procedures to obtain operating permission for construction industry, industrial waste operation, antiquarian, etc.

  • Company(offices/branches)establishment and incorporation procedures in Japan.

  • Documentation of inter-enterprise contract.

  • Consultation regarding testament documentation, inheritance and others.

Please feel free to consult us for any legal procedures in Japan.

Alpha Express GYOSEI SHOSHI​

​Administrative Scrivener: Atsushi Okumura



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